Spring sports teams to practice, compete at alternate locations

Dear families and community members,

With the spring season here and construction ongoing at the High School, we must once again make minor changes to accommodate the needs of our spring athletes.

Varsity and JV softball will practice at the C. J. Hooker Middle School softball field. Varsity softball will play their home games at CJH while JV softball plays their home games at “The Rock” in Chester.

Boys and girls varsity and JV lacrosse will practice at the Erie Street field (located across from the Government Building) and will hold their home
contests at McNally Field (aka Mt. Olympus). Spring track will practice on district property but will compete on an away schedule.

Of course, this plan is subject to change given the many variables that exist in a given season; particularly weather. The most up-to-date schedule for each team can be found on the District’s Athletic page, by clicking
the link under Athletic Schedule.

While the construction project nears an end, these changes will allow our spring student-athletes to continue on with their athletic experience with minimal disruption.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming season. My door is always open.

I look forward to seeing you. Go, Gladiators!

Matt O’Brien
Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education/H.S. Assistant Principal