Odyssey teams get creative during annual Spontaneous Night

Group photo of students
Members of the district’s Odyssey of the Mind teams participated in the seventh annual Spontaneous Night on January 11.

On January 11, members of the district’s Odyssey of the Mind teams participated in the seventh annual Spontaneous Night. More than 50 OMers and their coaches enjoyed ice cream and creative problem-solving with their classmates.

Students work intently with sticks.
Ella Dennehy, Gwen Warland, Ethan Batista, Olivia Marku, Shaelyn Kirk, Emilio Vanichpong-Barbosa.

Eight teams will compete in the Regional Competition at Orange-Ulster BOCES March 9. There are three teams from the C. J. Hooker Middle School, four from Goshen Intermediate School and one from Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School.

In addition to practicing spontaneous problems, teams are hard at work on their long term solutions. Each team must present an eight-minute skit that solves a variety of technical and creative challenges. Teams placing first will advance to States held at SUNY Binghamton March 29.

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2019 Odyssey of the Mind Teams

Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School – Primary Team

Museum Makers

  • Giuliana Kyles
  • James Dodin
  • Logan Redeker
  • Julianna Loftus
  • Aimee Mancuso
  • Sophia Azevedo
  • Grace Matthews
  • Coaches:  Emma Finkelstein, Madison Youngman, Brooke Youngman.

Goshen Intermediate School – Division 1

Problem 1: OMER to the Rescue, Again

  • Presley Muller
  • Nicholas Smykla
  • Alexa Krabbe
  • Harrison Ok
  • Bridget Pettus
  • Marygrace Johnson
  • Zara Singh
  • Coaches: Sam Sherlock, Mackenzie Phelps, Olivia Davis

Problem 2: Hide In Plain Sight

  • Olivia Marku
  • Naomi Aclin
  • Ella Dennehy
  • Ethan Batista
  • Emilio Vanichpong-Barbosa
  • Gwendolyn Warland
  • Shaelyn Kirk
  • Coach: Brooke Aclin
  • Assistant Coach: Suela Marku

Problem 3: Classics…Leonardo’s Workshop

Boys create with every day objects.
Luke Lederman and Dalton Fortugno Harris.
  • Nik Marku
  • Leo Liu
  • Dalton Fortugno-Harris
  • Gianna Peters
  • Ava Carroll
  • Nicolette Heter
  • Luke Lederman
  • Coach: Suela Marku

Problem 5: Opposites Distract

  • Isabel Barnhorst
  • Julia McKenna
  • Nathan Hulse
  • Ethan Tetzlaff
  • Grace McAndrews
  • McKenzie English
  • Sion Siljkovic
  • Coach: Cathy Kloorfain

C. J. Hooker Middle School – Division 2

Problem 3: Classics…Leonardo’s Workshop

  • Roxanne Aclin
  • Aliana Vanichpong- Barbosa
  • Jolina Dong
  • Hannah Fruhling
  • Abby Meyer
  • Carly Seligman
  • Isabel Seligman
  • Coach: Heidi Seligman
  • Assistant Coach: Brian Seligman

Problem 4: Structure Toss

  • Keira Loftus
  • Ella Gallo
  • Benicio Vanichpong-Barbosa
  • Katie Palau
  • Meadow Lumezi
  • Sofia Puertas
  • Coach: Tom Loftus

Problem 5: Opposites Distract

  • Oliver Stroka
  • Eric Bunzey
  • Jake Lederman
  • Ava DiGrandi
  • Veronica Donahue
  • Coach: Kerri Stroka
  • Assistant Coach: Amy Bunzey
Students create a bridge with paper and paper clips.
Leo Liu, Gianna Paters, Nicolette Heter, Serafina Marku (sibling), Nik Marku.