COPS grant to provide equipment, technology for school security

The Goshen Central School District, in partnership with the Village of Goshen Police Department, will receive funding from the School Violence Prevention Program grant through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), a component within the U.S. Department of Justice.

The COPS grant will provide $128,977 in supplies, equipment and technology to enhance security measures throughout the school district.

“We are excited to be one of only two school districts in New York state that was awarded funding by the COPS grant,” said Superintendent Daniel Connor. “This award will provide a number of safety upgrades in our schools, enhance existing security measures, and ultimately help support a safe learning environment for students.”

Funding will benefit surveillance, communication with police department

Over the summer, the School Resource Officer (SRO) Agreement was formed between the district, Village of Goshen, and the Goshen Police Department. This five-year partnership places one uniformed SRO in each school building during school hours. Money from the COPS grant will benefit the SRO Agreement by improving security surveillance district-wide and SRO/police communication, especially during a crisis. The grant request was based mainly on the results of the district’s Safety and Security Assessment that was prepared by an independent assessor this past May.

The COPS grant will fund the following:

  • Purchase and installation of 30 HD three-angle security camera sites across all four school district buildings.
  • Purchase of four new laptop computers capable of running software that can access district camera feeds anywhere with internet service.
  • A new district network server capable of routing the high amounts of streaming data from the new security cameras to SRO computers.
  • Purchase and installation of four Automated License Plate Readers at thoroughfares in the Village near district buildings to monitor traffic for high-risk individuals close to schools.
  • Installation of Crisis Alert System on SRO laptops, allowing police to trigger alert messages to student and staff computers and phones. Messages can contain information detailing the event as well as safety instructions for students and staff. Additionally, students and staff can use a system app to report their location and condition to police, guiding law enforcement response.
  • Purchase of four new two-way radios for district SROs. The current equipment is out-of-date and nearing the end of its usable life. New radios will have good range and audio quality and will work well with Goshen Police Department officer equipment.

District officials will work closely with the Village of Goshen Police Department to solicit competitive bids for all supplies, equipment and technology; purchase and installation is anticipated by January 2019.

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