First Quarter Goshen Greats exemplify hard work, leadership

The Goshen High School recently honored nine students as Goshen Greats. The Goshen Greats program recognizes the unique achievements of one student from each major discipline each quarter. Students are nominated by their teachers for accomplishments that are benchmarks in their academic career or demonstrate school leadership.

The Goshen Greats and their families were invited to a breakfast held in the cafeteria in their honor, prepared by Family and Consumer Science Teacher Lisa Dombrowski, where they were given certificates of achievement.

The Goshen Greats are:

  • Anna Boese, nominated by English Teacher Dr. Evelyn Schneider for her accomplishments in AP Literature and Composition.
  • Madilyn Bunzey, nominated by Foreign Language Teacher Claire Polanis for her accomplishments in French 3.
  • Jillian DenDanto, nominated by Music Teachers Molly Lloyd and Kristen Scully for her accomplishments in Overall Choral Performance.
  • Eve Doyle, nominated by Math Teacher Kelly Delehanty for her accomplishments in Geometry.
  • Anna Fitzgerald, nominated by Social Studies Teacher Marie Jane Panzer for her accomplishments in Global History and Geography.
  • Kiley Howell, nominated by English Teacher Deborah Schulz for her accomplishments in English 9.
  • Megan Messina, nominated by Earth Science Teacher Joseph LeBlanc for her accomplishments in Earth Science.
  • Angelica Sheehan, nominated by Art Teacher Christopher Tucci for her accomplishments in photography.
  • Bram Veldkamp, nominated by Health Teacher Lyn Abrams for his accomplishments in Health 10.