Update about indoor air quality at Scotchtown Avenue

Earlier this month, two teachers reported a stale odor in their classrooms, 17 and 76, to building administrators.

The Orange-Ulster BOCES Health/Safety and Risk Management team was contacted and performed an indoor air quality test. On November 20, the district received the indoor air quality test results, which indicated that the classrooms are adequate for occupancy by students and staff.

An additional inspection was conducted by LAN Associates on November 21 – the day before Thanksgiving. Scotchtown Avenue was extremely fortunate to have LAN Associates visit the classrooms on such short notice right before a holiday and we appreciate their quick response to our request.

The inspector from LAN did not smell or observe signs of mold in the wall, carpet tile, or crawlspace of classroom 17; however, some mild condensation was observed in the crawlspace beneath the classroom floor. Although the classroom was found to be adequate for occupancy, we want to be respectful to our employees’ sensitivities. A plan was submitted to the Board of Education to add ventilation and insulation to prevent condensation in the crawlspace, based on LAN’s recommendations, and students will remain in an alternate location until the matter is rectified.

Additionally, the inspector did not observe any evidence of water, mold or other sources of contaminants that would affect the indoor air quality in classroom 76. This classroom is installed over a concrete slab-on-grade.