AP students: Exam registration due Dec. 21; payment due Jan. 6

Advanced Placement (AP) Program students are required to take the Advanced Placement Examination in May. Should a student fail to take the AP assessment, the course will be removed from his or her transcript and  weighted as a Regents-level course.

AP students must do the following:

  • Return the exam registration form to the Guidance Office by Friday, December 21. The form was distributed in class.
  • Register and pay for the exam online by January 6, 2019. The cost is $98. Click here to register and pay for the exam.

If you have any questions, contact the Guidance Office.

About the AP Program and Exam

The Advanced Placement Program, in conjunction with the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey, is designed to offer very capable students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. College credit is dependent upon the student’s performance on the Advanced Placement Examination and on the college’s/university’s credit policy. Students in selected advanced courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Art and Social Studies, in addition to qualified students from Regents courses may avail themselves of this program.

Advanced students are self-motivated, self-disciplined, independent learners who wish to challenge themselves beyond the Regents level course load. Advanced students are required to demonstrate a higher level of critical and analytical thinking and writing. The writing and analytical skills of advanced students should show evidence of a high-level of sophistication and mastery. Summer work is required for some high school advanced classes.