Guest speaker teaches Foods I students to make Japanese snacks

High school student pours batter into a pan while chef speaks.
Connor Kirk helps guest speaker Angeline Pierre from Johnson & Wales University prepare takoyaki.

On November 9, students in Janice Marsiglio and Lisa Dombrowski’s Foods I class at Goshen High School learned how to make takoyaki, a Japanese snack.

Angeline Pierre from Johnson & Wales University demonstrated the recipe with a twist, and had students help her create “Kickin’ Chicken Mock Takoyaki.”

Pierre’s recipe uses chicken instead of traditional octopus and is also gluten free. The takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack that is cooked in a special molded pan.

The Family and Consumer Science Program at Goshen High School hosts a number of guest speakers and demonstrators throughout the school year in order to give students opportunities to learn about different colleges, majors and careers. Click here for more information about Johnson & Wales University.