Students use STEM skills to “Ship the Chip” to Wisconsin

Photo of potato chip in a box of cotton.
Third grade students create an innovative design to help ship a Pringle potato chip to classmates in Wisconsin as part of National STEM Day.

For National STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Day, students in Carissa Opel’s third grade class joined Technology Teacher Assistant Kendra Parchinski to work on a project called Ship the Chip.

Goshen students and third grade classmates from Spring Green, Wisconsin, were provided with seven materials to work with to design a safe package to transport one Pringle Potato Chip via the U.S. Postal Service. The students will ship their chip to Wisconsin, and those students will ship their chip to our third graders in Gosehn.

Students worked in pairs to create some very innovative packaging for their chip. In two weeks, the two classes will Skype while they open the packages to see their results.  Students will also write predictions and reflections on their designs.