GHS Drama Club to perform Just Another High School Play Nov. 2-3

Students on stage in costume.
Patricio Ovando, Elijah Paneto, Brandon Morales, George Pavlidis, Kevin Ilardi, Anna Boese, Kelsey Lindeman, Gwen Aitchison, Jilian Welshof, and Andrea Cosgrove in “Just Another High School Play.”

The Goshen High School Drama Club will perform “Just Another High School Play,” written by Bryan Starchman at 7:30 p.m. November 2-3 in the Goshen Intermediate School auditorium.

Cost is $4 for students, $7 for adults.

Synopsis of the Play: The night of the fall play has arrived, and the audience has arrived to see the show. Unfortunately, the students have been neglectful in preparing for the performance–in fact, they haven’t prepared at all. Their teacher/director is nowhere to be found. Because they have an audience expecting a show, the students decide to to use props and scripts they find backstage to improv scenes. As one might imagine, hilarity ensues. The audience will be laughing from the beginning to the end as the students struggle with their “show.”