GHS launches anti-bullying website, “Stand Up GHS”

Just in time for the start of the 2018-19 school year, Goshen High School has launched an anti-bullying website dedicated to supporting students’ social and emotional needs.  The website, Stand Up GHS, now has a permanent home under the “High School Links” section of the district website.

While students are always encouraged to speak directly to school staff if he or she is being bullied or witnesses someone being bullied, the administrators at Goshen High School wanted to provide additional avenues that students may utilize.

This website was created as an additional way to empower students to come forward and speak out against bullying and other negative activity that may occur in school.

To that end, Stand Up GHS website provides methods for students to report bullying in three different ways:

  • an anonymous web tip;
  • a voicemail; or
  • a text message.

The site is also educational; there are additional resources for students and families in the form of relevant articles, links, and videos.  Families are encouraged to watch the videos together as they cover topics such as bullying, kindness, and cyber-bullying.

Supporting students’ mental health needs is also a central focus of Stand Up GHS.  The site will provide information about mental health education and awareness. Additionally there will be a directory of both school and community resources available to individuals facing mental health difficulties.

The message the school seeks to send is that no one is ever alone.  There are resources and staff members available to help students regardless of what challenges they may be facing.  By increasing awareness of mental health issues it is hoped that students and their families will be better able to identify and respond to these situations.

Stand Up GHS can be accessed at this link.