Opening day honors long-term employees as capital improvement project work continues

Goshen Central School District faculty and staff kicked off the school year on Sept. 4 with an opening day session which also honored long-term employees.

Superintendent Daniel Connor welcomed staff back and wished everyone a happy and productive school year.

Connor said the last 10 weeks were filled with a tremendous amount of construction work, all part of the district’s $30.48 million capital improvement project.  The 14-month project will create 21st century learning environments, address safety and security, modernize the performing arts program and auditorium and upgrade the athletic facilities at Goshen High School.

Staff can expect monthly visits from the construction contractor so everyone remains up-to-date on the status of work, Connor added.

During the morning gathering, Board of Education President Jason Pucci also wished everyone well, reinforcing how much the Board of Education appreciates everything all employees do on behalf of Goshen’s students.

Pucci likened the new school year to being on a tightrope, which requires feats of balancing, understanding that staff has many matters to balance — or handle — during the school day.

“There will be much construction and we’re in a time of transition,” he said, stressing his tightrope walk analogy.  “So, look forward, don’t look down and know that you can’t go back.”

In addition, Jason Carter, who is beginning his first year as the district’s assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction, personnel and technology, recognized the following employees for completion of these years of service:

40 years

  • Eleanor Knierieman, GHS social studies teacher

30 years

  • Marcia Atkin, GIS Grade 5 teacher

25 years

  • Michael Isseks, GHS social studies teacher
  • Pamela Kramer, SAS secretary
  • Rosary Papasidero, SAS secretary
  • Mary Elizabeth Tyrrell, GIS Grade 3 teacher

20 years

  • Susan Brosnan, food service helper
  • Aimee Holland, GIS teacher
  • Roger Krott, bus driver
  • Maryann Lloyd, GHS music teaching assistant
  • Patricia McCaffrey-Bjorke, GHS English teacher
  • Jill Quackenbush, CJH teacher aide
  • Margaret O’Donnell, CJH special education teacher
  • Alison Roper, SAS ELL teacher
  • Katherine Russo, GIS teacher aide

The ceremony ended with a humorous musical number performed by guitarist Joe Palencia, student services at Goshen High School; and singer Christopher Gucci, Goshen High School art teacher.