Afternoon bus runs may run late the first few days of school

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Happy “New Year of School!” We are thrilled to hear the sounds of students in our hallways after the summer months.

I had the opportunity to greet many students in some of our buildings during their arrivals this morning  and will visit other buildings tomorrow.  Every student I greeted, no matter how early their arrival time was, looked ready for a new year of academic accomplishments and success.

While today’s first day of school has been shortened due to the extremely hot weather, we know our faculty and staff have done everything possible to make today’s opening a great one for your children.

I wanted to remind you that during the first week of school, buses often run a bit late during their afternoon runs. This is particularly true for the intermediate and elementary schools as the younger children are getting used to their new buses. Our staff is well-trained in assisting them and we know everyone will be settled in during the next few days.

We ask for and appreciate your patience — particularly today with an abbreviated day — as we plan for an earlier than normal dismissal today and regular dismissals in the coming days.

Please take care with the extreme heat we are facing today.

Thank you again for the trust you give to us for your children’s safety and education.


Daniel Connor