Student heart screenings will take place Nov. 3

The Goshen Central School District is taking an extra step to protect its students by providing cardiovascular testing for students ages 12 and up on school grounds on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Goshen High School.

Technicians from CAPPO Health will perform EKGs and echocardiograms to detect heart conditions and vascular ultrasounds to identify vascular conditions such as blood clots. All tests are non-invasive; the privacy of all students will be maintained.

The screening will take about an hour and will include a medical history, blood pressure check, an electrocardiogram or ECG, and a “quick-look” echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound image of the heart.

During the screenings, technicians will look for heart defects that may otherwise be totally asymptomatic, such as atrial and ventricular septal defects and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

These screenings are being provided as preemptive attempt to recognize and potentially detect possible cardiac issues in our student body. It is completely voluntary and up to the students and their family to participate.

There are no upfront costs for this testing. CAPPO Health will bill your health insurance, accepting what your carrier deems usual and customary. As required by law, CAPPO Health will bill for any deductible or co-insurance owed, if applicable. Please be aware that if you have an HSA, FSA, or HRA account, funds may automatically be deducted if a balance is due. The district is not financially responsible for any part of the testing or follow up.

CAPPO Health is the industry leader in on-site cardiovascular testing for athletic programs and physicians. Our mission is to protect the cardiovascular health of student athletes and patients through comprehensive cardiac testing and vascular ultrasound.  For more information about CAPPO Health, visit the CAPPO Health website.

Please read on for some frequently asked questions about the testing. If your question has not been answered, please contact Athletic Director Matt O’Brien at (845) 615-6161 or

How do students register/sign up?

Students should register and fill out paperwork in advance.

Students can register online at this link.

Parents and/or guardians may wish to fill out this Waiver of Financial Responsibility to eliminate any balance due is available for students and athletes in genuine hardship situations.

Should students fast before the testing?

There are no restrictions to a student’s normal diet. Please avoid tobacco and caffeine two hours before your testing begins. Do NOT take anti-inflammatory medications at least 4-6 hours before your testing begins.

What should students wear?

The technician will need to administer the tests on the neck, legs, abdomen, and chest. Please wear looser clothing.

For best results, please bathe or shower before you test, as body oils may interfere with the test results. Please do NOT use lotions, bath oils, or creams before you test.

When will the results be available?

CAPPO Health will immediately alert the student or parent/guardian for those under the legal age of any significant findings. One of their board certified cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, or radiologists will review any such findings, and a recommendation will be made if there is a need for additional testing or a referral to a specialist. Approximately 4-6 weeks following the testing,  students or their parents/guardians for those under the legal age, will receive an email from our Reporting team with a password and instructions for obtaining diagnostic testing results. A second email will come from Studycast with a link to the reports.

Note: Once CAPPO has billed the student’s insurance provider for the testing, the policyholder will likely receive multiple EOBs from the carrier for services performed. These are not bills and should not be remitted. These statements are routine notifications from the insurance company and do not accurately reflect what the policyholder owes nor the costs of the tests. Parents are encouraged to call CAPPO Customer Relations at to find out any out-of-pocket expense prior to registering their student.