Is your correct contact information on file with the district?

The school year is just around the corner – is your correct contact information on file with the district? Take a few minutes to ensure that we can easily contact you!

SchoolMessenger notifications – an important communication tool

Since January 2016, the Goshen Central School District has used the SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide timely communications to Goshen parents/guardians and employees via phone calls, emails and text messages. This is especially important during urgent situations, such as school closings or crisis situations.

In order for the system to be successful, parents/guardians MUST ensure the following:

  1. The contact information they have on file with the district is correct, and
  2. They have selected which types of messages they’d like to receive.

Verify your contact information

Parents and guardians can verify their contact information by logging into SchoolTool/Parent Portal. If you are not registered for SchoolTool/Parent Portal or have trouble logging in, visit

Select which type of messages you’d like to receive

It’s up to parents/guardians to choose HOW they’d like to receive SchoolMessenger notifications. SchoolMessenger’s InfoCenter lets you control how you’d like to be contacted and works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed.

Each parent/guardian will need to log into InfoCenter to change his/her own notification preferences.

The district cannot “add you to a list” or do this for you – each parent/guardian is responsible for selecting his own preferences. For more information about InfoCenter, visit

Please note that each type of message – texts, phone calls and e-mails – are individual notifications. If the district sends out an e-mail about an upcoming fundraiser, and you did not select to receive e-mails, you will not get a notification. It will not translate into a text or phone call.

Opt-in to receive text messages

A quick way to ensure that you will receive text messages is to send “Y” to 67857. As long as your cell phone number is on file with the district, you will be all set!

For more information, visit the SchoolMessenger page.