Fifth-graders learn basics of robotics, programming and coding

Students from Nicole Careccia’s fifth-grade classes have been learning the basics of coding – and their culture  – with a little help from the Ozobot, a palm-sized robot that can be “programmed” with colored markers.

Students recently used coding to have an Ozobot travel through hand-drawn maps of different countries from their heritage.

How does the Ozobot work?

The Ozobot is designed to follow along colored lines on paper, then perform certain actions based on patterns in the color. For example, the Ozobot will follow a black line. When there’s a pattern of black, then red, it

’ll slow down. When there’s a pattern of red, then blue, it will pause. When it hits green, then red, it will spin in a circle.

While actual computer programming is far more complex than color markers, activities like this take the first step to introducing the district’s younger students to the type of logic necessary for programming. It’s a process that fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Careccia and technology teacher Mrs. Parchinski hope will translate into success with real programming.