Middle School artists ace Olympics of the Visual Arts competition

Young girl wearing a dress with bat wings.
The Indiana Bat Dress earned first place in the Fashion category. This year’s fashion theme was “wings” and students highlighted the local Indiana Bat for their design. The dress is modeled by Kayla Schramm.

C. J. Hooker Middle School artists recently participated in the Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) competition at Saratoga Springs City Center. Advanced Studio Art students took three first place wins, one second place and two third place. Projects will be on display at the upcoming Celebration of the Arts.

The following students placed in the OVA competition:

First place


Laura Avery

Nahal Jangda

Marcella Barnhorst

Maria Kelly


Madison Schaaff

Regan Sullivan

Bernice Luva

Avaree Freiberger

Sarah Char

Jillian Brosnan

Sarah Alverez

Danielle Fiumara

Kayla Schramm

Lilly Pawiczak

Lauren Seperac

Pheonix Graham


Jay Orzell

Brianna Kimmel

Carly Larsen

Lauren Rivera

Camryn Walsh

Second place


Rachel Seo

Rachel Richter

Bridgette Bennis

Daniella Scanlon

Areyanna McCarthy

Third place


Vanice Pun

Jaeda Bowman

Dalia Abbad

Anna Duffy

Madison Albanese

Chelsea Henry

Annia Malkan


Antonio Ferraro

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