Six seniors sign letters of intent, commit to majoring in the arts

Six smiling girls.
Mia Romaine, Kiley Rowe, Zoe Gronner, Davgil David-Gil, Andie Wong and Amanda Salmoiraghi committed to majoring in the arts at college in the fall.

Six Goshen High School seniors signed letters of intent to continue their education and major in the arts while at college in the fall.

Davgil David-Gil, Zoe Gronner, Mia Romaine, Kylie Rowe, Amanda Salmoiraghi and Andie Wong signed their college and arts program acceptance letters in front of family and friends during a ceremony in their honor on April 30. Each of them thanked their families, teachers and friends for their support throughout the years and for helping them achieve their goals.

Davgil David-Gil

Music education, Berklee College of Music

Davgil has been involved in music and the arts ever since she could walk but grew a love and passion for it when she came to the high school. During her junior year, Davgil realized her calling for teaching music and knew that it was the career she wanted to pursue. Her junior year, she also discovered her dream school, Berklee College of Music, and fell in love with its diverse culture, exceptional music education program, and welcoming environment. Davgil is excited for her new life at Berklee and can not wait to make new memories while keeping music in her life.

Zoe Gronner

Theater, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

When Zoe was a little girl, she dreamed of going to NYU for college. Zoe has always been a city girl. She is extremely excited to be attending her dream school, continuing her studies of acting, singing, and dancing at Tisch. When visiting the school back in January of 2017, she knew instantly this is where she belongs. In the absurd, creative part of Manhattan, Zoe will be living near Washington Square. After years and long hours of hard work, Zoe is proud to say she will be attending NYU Tisch.

Mia Romaine

Music education, Rowan University’s College of Performing Arts

Mia will attend Rowan University’s College of Performing Arts for her bachelor’s in Music Education with an emphasis in vocal performance. She will be attending on a half tuition talent scholarship. Mia chose Rowan not only because of its beautiful campus and amazing music department, but because of the home like atmosphere, the welcoming people and amazing music faculty.

Kiley Rowe

Viola performance, Manhattan School of Music

When Kiley was in fourth grade, she began playing violin.  As soon as she picked it up, she couldn’t put it down. She would play it watching TV, walking around the house, and even at the dinner table!  Since then, Kiley has switched over to viola because she fell in love with it’s deep, rich tone. All that practicing violin didn’t go to waste though.  Kiley received first stand at NYSSMA All State and Area All State, and performed as section leader of the violas at Carnegie Hall 5 times and Sydney Opera House in Australia.  This school year, Kiley will graduate from the Juilliard Pre-College, sitting first chair in their highest ranked orchestra. In the fall, Kiley has decided to attend Manhattan School of Music.  She fell in love with its homey and laid back feel. She can’t wait to be given the tools this school can offer to mold her into the violist she thrives to become.

Amanda Salmoiraghi

Fashion design, Marist College

Amanda was accepted into the fashion design program class of 2022 at Marist College.  She had to complete a portfolio with the prompt of symbols. Choosing to go with the zodiac signs, she designed a women’s wear collection for the fall of 2018.

Not only was she accepted into the college and program, but she was also accepted into the Freshman Florence Experience that takes place in Florence, Italy for her first year.  While her major is fashion design, she hopes to minor in art history and museum studies. Marist was the only college she applied to, putting all her eggs in one basket, and she (luckily) got in!

Andie Wong

Film production, Emerson College

Andie has always liked being artistic and creating things in her spare time, but she really found a passion for the arts in middle school, when she started to write collaboratively in her spare time. Though she still loves to write, Andie has decided to broaden her horizons and pursue a career in the film industry. For this reason, Andie will be going to Emerson College under the major of film production.

Six teen girls sitting at a table signing letters.
The six seniors sign their letters of intent in front of family and friends.