New buzz-in camera/intercom systems installed at SAS and GIS

A new buzz-in camera system was recently installed at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School and the Goshen Intermediate School. This added security will allow school personnel to screen visitors before the visitor has physical access to the greeter station in the schools’ main offices.

photo of small camera on a wall
The new buzz-in camera and intercom system recently installed in the vestibule of Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School. With the new security system, visitors will have to identify themselves with ID before being allowed into the greeter’s stations at both Scotchtown Avenue and Goshen Intermediate.

As you enter the buildings, you will continue to walk through the first set of doors into the front vestibule. The second set of doors that lead into the school’s main lobby will remain locked.

Previously, a visitor would then enter the right-hand door into the greeter station, where they would be screened and buzzed into the main office to gain access to the school. Under the new system, this door is now locked at all times.

Visitors must stand in front of a small video camera/intercom within the front vestibule before they are allowed access into the greeter station. The visitor must ring the bell to alert the greeter, and the greeter will inquire via intercom as to the purpose of the visitor’s visit.

photo of monitor system
Greeters and other office staff now have intercom and video monitoring devices to be able to speak with and view anyone who enters the front vestibules at SAS and GIS.

Once buzzed in, visitors will enter the greeter’s station where they present their drivers license. The greeter will scan the license, which will be kept on file, and print a badge that visitors must wear during their visit. An escort will then bring the visitor to his destination within the building.

The new buzz-in camera system allows the greeter station door to remain locked at all times. Main office personnel will also be able to monitor the front vestibule via video camera, adding another level of security for our school.

If you have questions about the new system, please feel free to contact your school principal.