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Science Olympiad Junior Team heads to state competition

Group photo of students wearing red shirts, smiling.
The Junior Science Olympiad team will head to the New York State Competition April 13-14.

The Goshen Junior Science Olympiad team had a successful day at the Mid-Hudson Division B Regional tournament this past weekend, placing first overall in the competition and securing a spot at the State Finals on April 13-14.

On March 17, Goshen’s two teams, consisting of 31 students, competed at the event while several of the Science Olympiad Senior Team members volunteered their time to assist the Monroe-Woodbury School District with running the tournament. Students competed in events such as Microbiology, Forensics, Optics, Thermodynamics, and Anatomy and Physiology.

At the events, students competed in pairs; the top three teams in each event are awarded medals. Goshen students medaled in every event they competed in at the Regional tournament:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: First place – Xander Danella and Ekam Singh; Second place – Dan Fellenzer and Kapil Foster
  • Battery Buggy: First place – Jason Barnes and Ben Pahucki; Second place – Carlos Alicea and Rohan Chhabra
  • Crime Busters: Second place – Kaylee Kohn and Nahal Jangda
  • Disease Detective: First place – Ryan Mistretta and Nahal Jangda; Third place – Eesha Ramanathan and Serena Yeddu
  • Dynamic Planet: Second place – Ryan Mistretta and Jackson Diglio
  • Ecology: First place – Jackson Diglio and Dan Fellenzer; Second place – Kylie Danella and Bryce Rodriguez
  • Experimental Design: First place – Arun Foster, Alex Mistretta, and Andrew Rampulla; Second place – Rohan Chhabra, Xander Danella, and Bryce Rodriquez
  • Fast Fact: Third place – Gabe Kaufman and Francis McGuiness
  • Herpetology: Second place – Zachary Jessup and Cora Pahucki; Third place – Kylie Danella and Gabe Kaufman
  • Hovercraft: First place – Carlos Garcia and Ekam Singh
  • Meteorology: First place – Jackson Diglio and Andrew Rampulla
  • Microbe Mission: First place – Zachary Jessup and Ryan Mistretta
  • Optics: First place – Arun Foster and Alex Mistretta; Second place – Rohan Chhabra and Tanvir Singh
  • Parasitology: First place – Xander Danella and Kiara Paulino; Second place – Jason Barnes and Cora Pahucki
  • Potions & Poisons: First place – Kaylee Kohn and Imaan Beg; Second place – AJ Bauer and Serena Yeddu
  • Road Scholar: First place – Ben Pahucki and Kapil Foster
  • Rocks & Minerals: First place – Ben Pahucki and Andrew Rampulla; Third place – AJ Bauer and Eesha Ramanathan
  • Science Quiz Bowl: Second place – AJ Bauer, Kylie Danella, and Julisa Posada
  • Solar Systems: First place – Arun Foster and Ben Pahucki; Third place – Ysa Paneto and Kiara Paulino
  • Thermodynamics: First place – Imaan Beg and Zachary Jessup; Second place – Carlos Alicea and Ysa Paneto
  • Towers: First place – Arun Foster and Cora Pahucki; Third place – Gabe Kaufman and Francis McGuiness
  • Wright Stuff: Second place – Jackson Diglio and Andrew Rampulla; Third place – Eesha Ramanathan and Bryce Rodriguez

The team members of the Junior Science Olympiad team are Carlos Alicea, Jason Barnes, AJ Bauer, Imaan Beg, Rohan Chhabra, Kylie Danella, Xander Danella, Jackson Diglio, Dan Fellenzer, Arun Foster, Kapil Foster, Carlos Garcia, Nahal Jangda, Zachary Jessup, Gabe Kaufman, Kaylee Kohn, Francis McGuinness, Alex Mistretta, Ryan Mistretta, Ben Pahucki, Cora Pahucki, Ysabela Paneto, Kiara Paulino, Julisa Posada, Eesha Ramanathan, Andrew Rampulla, Bryce Rodriguez, Ekamjot Singh, Tanvir Singh, Marissa Villamil, and Serena Yeddu.

Coaches are Head Coach Becky DenDanto, Assistant Coaches Laura
Muller and Warren Young, and Volunteer Coaches Greg Foster, Devra Mistretta, and Chrissy Pahucki.

Visit the Goshen Science Olympiad website for more information.