Science Olympiad teams have strong showing at Cornell Invitational

Group photo of smiling students wearing red.
Goshen’s Science Olympiad team members at the Cornell Invitational.

Three Goshen Science Olympiad Teams competed in the Cornell Invitational held in Ithaca on February 24. More than 1,000 students from grades 6-12 gathered on Cornell’s campus for the Science Olympiad competition, bringing together competitors from Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Florida.

Science Olympiad is a national team competition for students that features 25 competition events each year, ranging from paper tests on subjects such as microbiology and optics, laboratory practicals involving forensic science, and engineering events in which students test devices built prior to
competition day. Goshen sent two Division B Teams, consisting of grades 6th through 9th, and one Division C Team, consisting of students in grades 9-12.

The team’s success is a collaborative effort and individual ranking in events determines the team’s overall score. The two Division B teams placed seventh and 17th overall at the Cornell Invitational, with the top six teams in each event earning medals as recognition for their efforts. Goshen medaled in nine events:

  • Jason Barnes and Ben Pahucki: Second place, Battery Buggy
  • Jackson Diglio and Andrew Rampulla: Second place, Meteorology
  • Arun Foster and Alex Mistretta: Third place, Optics
  • Arun Foster, Alex Mistretta, and Andrew Rampulla: Fourth place, Experimental Design
  • Zachary Jessup and Ryan Mistretta: Fourth place, Microbe Mission
  • Arun Foster and Cora Pahucki: Fourth place, Towers
  • Alex Mistretta and Ryan Mistretta: Fourth place, Roller Coaster
  • Nahal Jangda and Jason Barnes: Sixth place, Mystery Architecture
  • Jason Barnes and Cora Pahucki: Sixth place, Parasitology

The team members of the Division B Science Olympiad Team are Carlos Alicea, Jason Barnes, AJ Bauer, Imaan Beg, Rohan Chhabra, Kylie Danella, Xander Danella, Jackson Diglio, Dan Fellenzer, Arun Foster, Kapil Foster, Carlos Garcia, Nahal Jangda, Zachary Jessup, Gabe Kaufman, Kaylee Kohn, Francis McGuinness, Alex Mistretta, Ryan Mistretta, Ben Pahucki, Cora Pahucki, Ysabela Paneto, Eesha Ramanathan, Andrew Rampulla, Bryce Rodriguez, Ekamjot Singh, and Tanvir Singh.

Goshen’s Division C team wrapped up the 2018 season by placing 19th overall all, with several teams members scoring in the top 12. Julia Gyrla and Anya Mahotra earned 8th place in Write It Do It, Donovan Teeple and Jehan Beg placed 11th in Optics, and Melissa Moore and Ryan Hludzinski placed
11th in Remote Sensing. The members of the Goshen Senior Science Olympiad Team are Myra Arif, Jehan Beg, Eve Doyle, Spencer Doyle, Julia Gyrla, Andrew Hablow, Ryan Hludzinski, Caitlin Hough, Sydney Jessup, Anya Malhotra, Melissa Moore, Brandon Penrod, Cameron Teeple, and Donovan Teeple.

Goshen’s Science Olympiad Teams are led by Head Coach, Becky DenDanto, and assisted by Coaches Laura Muller and Warren Young. The Junior Science Olympiad Team will head to the Mid-Hudson Division B Regionals on March 17th.

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