District works with MHSSC to bring SUNY New Paltz to village

MHSSC Sponsors Administrative Degree Program

The Mid-Hudson School Study Council (MHSSC), located on the campus of Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh and representing K-12 school districts and universities in the seven county Hudson Valley region, is proud to announce the formation of a new administrative cohort.

The MHSSC has worked with SUNY New Paltz, the Goshen Central School District, and the Village of Goshen to facilitate an opportunity for educators to earn a degree in school administration (SDL) while attending classes in Goshen.  The program, offered in a blended format, will meet in-person on selected Saturdays over an eighteen-month period, while simultaneously participating in learning activities on-line and completing internships in local school districts.   Upon successful completion, graduates will be awarded a SUNY New Paltz School District Leader degree and will be eligible to hold a district level administrative position in any school district.

Roberta Greene, Executive Director of the MHSSC, stated: “Without the support, cooperation and interest of the Goshen Central School District, the Village of Goshen and the administration at SUNY New Paltz, this endeavor to bring a higher education degree program to our local area would not have been possible.  On behalf of the MHSSC, we extend a sincere thank you to Goshen Superintendent Dan Connor and Goshen Mayor Kyle Roddey, for their enthusiastic support.”  Good luck to all of the future school leaders enrolled in the Goshen cohort.