Goshen High School students honored as first quarter Goshen Greats

The Goshen High School recently honored 10 students as Goshen Greats. The Goshen Greats program recognizes the unique achievements of one student from each major discipline each quarter. Students are nominated by their teachers for accomplishments that are benchmarks in their academic career or demonstrate school leadership.

The Goshen Greats and their families were invited to a breakfast held in the cafeteria in their honor, where they were given certificates of achievement. The breakfast was prepared by Family and Consumer Science Teacher Lisa Bellotto and her student, sophomore Marissa Lombardi.

The Goshen Greats are:

  • Siddhi Balamurali, nominated by Music Teacher Kimberly Longo for her accomplishments in Symphonic Band
  • Patricia Ferguson, nominated by Foreign Language Teacher Louise Giardina for her accomplishments in Cultural Diversity Club
  • Michael Jakakas, nominated by Lyn Abrams for his accomplishments in Health 10
  • Sydney Jessup, nominated by Social Studies Teacher Marie Jane Panzer for her accomplishments in AP World History
  • Horacio Jimenez, nominated by Guidance Counselor Laura Dubatowka for his accomplishments in Overall Performance
  • Katie Karen, nominated by Math Teacher Jason Miedema for her accomplishments in Geometry B
  • Adam LaLima, nominated by Science Teachers Steve Camposeo and Brenda Megello for his accomplishments in Planet Earth
  • Skylar Miller, nominated by English Teacher Cathy Frahme for her accomplishments in English 11
  • Elizabeth Ross, nominated by Science Teacher Steve Camposeo for her accomplishments in Earth Science
  • Rosemary Smith, nominated by Danielle Linguanti for her accomplishments in Business Math
Ten students standing side by side
The Goshen Greats, from left, Katie Karen, Elizabeth Ross, Adam LaLima, Horacio Jimenez, Siddhi Balamurali, Rosemary Smith, Patricia Ferguson, Skylar Miller, Sydney Jessup and Michael Jakakas.