Parents: Receive weather alerts via phone call, text message

The winter months are upon us, and inclement weather can occur at anytime. Parents and guardians can receive weather-related news via telephone call and/or text message with SchoolMessenger – but there are steps to take to ensure that you correctly receive these alerts.

  1. Make sure you selected the Weather-Related Delays/Cancellations alert in SchoolMessenger’s InfoCenter. You may have downloaded the InfoCenter by SchoolMessenger App onto your cell phone or accessed it via Simply log in to check which alerts are selected and that your contact information is correct.
  2. If you haven’t accessed InfoCenter before, do so! SchoolMessenger’s InfoCenter lets you control how you’d like to be contacted and works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed. Each parent/guardian will need to log into InfoCenter to change his/her own notification preferences. Please note that the district cannot “add you to a list” or do this for you – each parent/guardian is responsible for selecting his own preferences. For more information about InfoCenter, visit
  3. If your information is incorrect in InfoCenter, you must update your contact information in your SchoolTool/Parent Portal account. SchoolMessenger uses the contact information that you have on file with the district in SchoolTool. You can verify your contact information by logging into your SchoolTool/Parent Portal account. If your contact information is incorrect, you do not know your Parent Portal username and password, or you aren’t registered for an account, visit and follow the instructions to correct this important information.

In addition to SchoolMessenger alerts, the district also disseminates weather-related closings, delays and early dismissals via the district website, Facebook, Twitter, local radio stations and by calling the weather phone number (845) 294-2400.

For more information about school closings and delays, visit the School Closings & Delays page.