Students inducted into Foreign Language Honor Society

The Goshen High School recently honored 37 inductees for the Foreign Language Honor Society. Two students were inducted for their accomplishments in Latin, 13 for French and 22 for Spanish.

The inductees earned at least 90 percent on the Checkpoint B exam last year and a grade of 92 or higher for levels 2 and 3 combined. They are also required to be in level 4 of the language (French and Spanish) or at least another language in the case of Latin.

During the ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance was read in seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, Latin, Albanian, Russian & Bengali. Symbolic candles were lit, each representing a characteristic of the new inductees: scholarship, leadership, character and cultural awareness. In addition, three inductees, Kevin Alvarez, Kristina Pepaj and Ryan Pinto, each read selections from their application essays.

After the ceremony, a reception followed. Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the Foreign Language Honor Society:

French Honor Society

  • Jade Bou
  • Jayna Celano
  • Andrea Cosgrove
  • Catherine Cremin
  • Victoria Cremin
  • Carolina Cruz
  • Susan Griffin
  • Skylar Miller
  • Jillette Nazareno
  • Domenico Pasquini
  • Sofia Saul
  • Rachel Shih
  • Colleen Smith

Latin Honor Society

  • Benjamin Madnick
  • Kristina Pepaj

Spanish Honor Society

  • Maegan Allspach
  • Kevin Alvarez
  • Melina Anderson
  • Ryan Atkins
  • Seth Bally
  • Anna Boese
  • Noemi Burgos
  • Giannamarie Diaz
  • Michael Doherty
  • Connor Frey
  • Misty Jackson
  • Olivia Klugman
  • Amanda Kowalczyk
  • Joey LaCosta
  • Magdalen Larsen
  • Nicolas Paneto
  • Ryan Pinto
  • Colleen Politoski
  • Dalia Romero
  • Tyler Smith
  • Stephanie Svede
  • Cameron Teeple
  • Sofia Terrett

The Foreign Language Honor Society is under the direction of Advisor Claire Polanis.