View superintendent’s letter about incident at Goshen High School

Dear Goshen families, community members and employees,

I am writing to inform you about an incident that took place earlier today at Goshen High School.

A ninth grade student posted a picture on his personal Snapchat account that showed a hollowed-out, non-working hand grenade. He wrote a caption on the Snapchat that said, “Don’t come to school tomorrow.” The hollowed-out grenade is a teaching prop used by the student’s Social Studies teacher and was immediately removed from the classroom.

At no point were any students or employees in danger; however, an act such as this is deemed a terroristic threat. The Goshen Police Department was immediately notified and launched an investigation. The student will be disciplined by administrators in accordance with our code of conduct.

Although the incident posed no real threat, this kind of behavior by students is both inappropriate and against district policy. At Goshen, we are committed to maintaining an environment of safety, security and transparency. We ask that you talk to your children about any discomfort they may feel about the incident, as well as the inappropriateness of posting such things to social media and the consequences of doing so.

Thank you for your cooperation and your help in making our schools safe for everyone.

Daniel T. Connor
Superintendent of Schools