View a letter about district’s digital citizenship initiative

Dear Goshen parents and guardians,

We would like to share an important new endeavor as we continue to integrate instructional technology and 21st century learning skills into the classroom.

Last year, our teachers began to utilize Google Classroom as an online learning management system. Students are able to easily connect to their teachers’ Google Classroom using their G Suite account (formerly known as Google Apps for Education) where they can view announcements, find assignments, share class work, and more. The use of this exceptional learning tool will continue during the 2017-18 school year.

Utilizing this technology is an essential part of creating college- and career-ready students who think critically, problem solve, create and grow. However, students must take personal responsibility when using technology – both inside and outside the classroom.

This year, teachers will host important discussions with students to cover the importance of digital citizenship and cyber ethics. District administrators believe that parents and guardians play a crucial role in their child’s education, and we invite you to join this conversation to help ensure our students lead safer digital lives.

Grade-level Google Classroom platforms are available to help bring this important information home to our families. Parents are asked to read and discuss this content with your children. To access these platforms, students must log into with their Google Accounts,, and password st123456 (#’s being their ID number/lunch pin). Once logged in, join the Google Classroom designed for his or her grade level with the class codes listed below.

Parents may choose to review with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy and Vision for Technology before reviewing content with their child. Links to those documents are available within the Google Classroom platform as well.

This is a valuable opportunity to work alongside your child as they continue to learn and grow at Goshen Schools. We thank you for joining us and supporting this endeavor.


Daniel Connor, Superintendent of Schools

Kurtis M. Kotes. Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Personnel & Technology

Robert McKiernan, Principal of Goshen High School

William Rolon, Principal of C. J. Hooker Middle School

Jason Carter, Principal of Goshen Intermediate School

Gregory Voloshin, Ed.D., Principal of Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School

Access the grade-level Google Classroom

  1. Visit Google Classroom
  2. Click the + to join a class, then enter the class code (listed below)
    • Username:
    • Password: St123456 (replace 123456 with ID#)

Class Codes by Grade

K: o94uy3
1: stxksc
2: bgh5j2k
3: o8wntm
4: xwkin1
5: mfonxp
6: pbqsv6
7: 6ez2ndk
8: 6b3w8m
9: ijkt6h
10: 4yaogia
11: 9rxkg1o
12: gnc480