Important updates for summer & fall

The Goshen Central School District is working to create a reentry plan for the fall with available guidance from public health and education agencies. Pertinent information will be shared here.
Superintendent addresses school reentry planning | Summer meal info | Graduation and end-of-year info

Music ensembles excel at NYSSMA Majors Festival

On Wednesday, June 7, the Goshen High School Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Band and Stage Band performed at the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Majors Festival at Kingston High School.

NYSSMA Majors is a state adjudication festival for large ensembles. Ensembles perform three selections for two NYSSMA-trained adjudicators and are evaluated on tone, intonation, balance, technique, accuracy/execution, rhythm, interpretation and group appearance/discipline. Scores earned in each of these categories are combined, and the ensemble is awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Rating. Ensembles that are exceptional on all three of their prepared selections are awarded Gold With Distinction.

Both the Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Band performed level 5 music and received a Gold award for their performances. The Stage Band performed level 6 music (the highest level available), and received Gold with Distinction!

Stage Band

Shannon Doherty, Jon Grald, Andrew Lupinski, Connor McDermott, Erika Bingaman, Lucas Irace, Adam Maroni, Jacob Robb, Conor Thornton, Braden Smith, Andrew Wolek, Anthony Felice, Anna Boese, Chris Chirico, Sean Noonan.

Students dressed in black attire stand together.
The members of the Stage Band.

Symphonic Band

Valerie Lucas, Lydia DeFusto, Jamie Wong, Kelsey Reivers, Erika Bingaman, Siddhi Balamurali, Bailey Godson, Joseph Schatz, Charles DeMatteo, Hannah Pagano, Kayla Pucci, Sean Kensell, Dillon Balasubramaniam, Shannon Doherty, Alyson Björkman, Donovan Teeple, Jonathan Grald, Andrew Lupinski, Michael Aglione, Gabrielle Joseph, Connor McDermott, Lucas Irace, Adam Maroni, Jacob Robb, Aidan Fitzpatrick, Conor Thornton, Braden Smith, Andrew Wolek, Anthony Felice, Catherine Cremin, Elizabeth Pehush, Chris Chirico, Michael Doherty, Connor Frey, Olivia Gargiulo, Matthew Gomes, Jocey Marone, Sean Noonan.

Students dressed in black attire standing together.
The members of the Symphonic Band.

Chamber Orchestra

Hannah Ritz, Nina Pasquini, Sydney Jessup, Hannah Welshoff, Judy Yim, Anna Boese, Jade Bou, Jesse Shih, Robert Siracuse, Kendra Byrne, Rosie Fesko, Gianna Diaz, Tessa Schaumburg, Madison Holmberg, Eliza McCarthy, Emily Esposito, Mya Rattray, Kirsten Warth, Alex Kerstanski, Fernando Villamil, Isabella Hawkins, Eve Mulleady, Mia Romaine, Davgil David-Gil, Sammy Lombardo, Caroline Swift, Maeve Degan, Cara Petrizzo, Kaylee Krauss, Amit Fuchs, Alexandra Bassani, Fattum Abbad, Kelly Fellenzer, Mia Gouveia, Melina Anderson, Olivia Klugman, Haylee Farrell, Hannah Taylor, Kendra Godson, Kiley Rowe, Rachel Shih, Brooke Goodman, Cameron Teeple, Alejandro Alonzo, Brittany Bingaman, Elizabeth Pehush, Sean Noonan.

Students dressed in black attire stand together.
The members of the Chamber Orchestra.