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Goshen High School students excel on National Latin Exam

Advanced Latin students smile at camera with certificates of achievement.
The Advanced Latin Class, back row, from left, Principal Robert McKiernan, Kimberlee Carroll, Yueyi Zhao, Kristina Pepaj, Benjamin Madnick, Kelsie Keuerleber, Julia Dunlavey and Latin Teacher Claire Polanis.
The Intro to Latin class smiles at the camera with certificates of achievement.
The Intro to Latin Class, back row, from left, Principal Robert McKiernan, Rebecca Andrews, Aleena Jacob, Domenico Pasquini, Fernando Villamil, Amanda Healy, Christopher McClorey. Front row, from left, Carolina Cruz, Jayna Celano, Nathali Palma, Susan Griffin, Siddhi Balamurali, Conal McGill, Rowan Moses-Westphal, Andrea Cosgrove, Magdalen Larsen, Colleen Smith and Latin Teacher Claire Polanis.

Students in Claire Polanis’ Intro to Latin and Advanced Latin classes at Goshen High School were recently honored for their outstanding performances on the 2017 National Latin Exam.

The 40-question exam is administered to students around the world, including Australia, Italy, Japan, France and Zimbabwe.

The scores/awards were broken down as follows:

  • 35-40 correct: gold medal, summa cum laude
  • 32-24 correct: silver medal, maxima cum laude
  • 30-31 correct: magna cum laude
  • 28-29 correct: cum laude

Summa Cum Laude

Julia Dunlavey, Kelsie Keuerleber, Benjamin Madnick, Kristina Pepaj

Maxima Cum Laude

Siddhi Balamurali, Andrea Cosgrove, Carolina Cruz, Amanda Healy, Aleena Jacob, Magdalen Larsen, Christopher McClorey, Colleen Smith, Fernando Villamil, Yueyi Zhao

Magna Cum Laude

Kimberlee Carroll, Jayna Celano, Susan Griffin, Conal McGill, Nathali Palma, Domenico Pasquini, Rowan Moses-Westphal

Cum Laude

Rebecca Andrews