Goshen Schools celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, several students wanted to personally thank their teachers for all that they do! This year’s National Teacher Appreciation Week was May 7-12.

View some of the wonderful things our students had to say about their favorite teachers!

“Mrs. Roberts is the best teacher in the entire universe.” Logan Urena, kindergarten

“Mrs. Sherry is a great teacher because she helps me during math and she is always nice.” James O’Hara, grade 4

“Dr. Schneider is patient and kind and professional.” Abigail Lewis, grade 12

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Guerrier. She helps me with my work. She is super nice. I really like school because of her. Thank you Mrs. Guerrier!” Kyle Lutz, grade 1

“Ms. Scoville is one of the best teachers that I have had so far. She makes learning so much fun.” Ethan Tetzlaff, grade 3

“I like Mrs. Hernandez because she gives us fun writing projects to do on the computer.” Timothy Hartley, grade 5

” Ms. Paulus keeps class content interesting. She makes class engaging and encourages us all to strive for our best.” Thomas Lewis, grade 10

“Mrs. Mullane is the greatest teacher because she is too nice. She’s the best teacher I ever had!” Daniel Brink, grade 1

“I’d like to thank the Mrs. Scully and Mrs. Lloyd for sharing their love of music with me during the last four years. Their wisdom and guidance will never be forgotten.” Ally Bassani, grade 12

“Pat Kuttler is my favorite teacher because she has confidence in me that I could do anything. She’s awesome, fabulous and she’s a great teacher.” Danielle O’Connell, grade 2

“Mr. Greene is the best band teacher ever! He has taught me so much and made me love band!” Aidan Diglio, grade 5

“Mrs. Shera is so nice. I draw pictures for her and she keeps them.” Ellie Tyack, kindergarten

“Mrs. Herring is the best teacher in the whole entire universe. She is so loving and caring. I love her!” Jamie Tyack, grade 2

“Mrs. Ruggiero is a great teacher because she keeps pushing me to my goal. She also helps me with my writing. I also like her bouncy ball rewards.” James O’Hara, grade 4

“Ms. Lynch is great because she loves nature and glitter as much as me.” Nora McAndrews, kindergarten

“Mrs. Pacciarelli is special because no matter what you do she loves you. She cares with her heart all the time. Not just sometimes.” Colin Masker, grade 4

“Mrs Zani is my favorite teacher because she gives me math sheets that I can do! She is very helpful. I think my skills are so advanced because I work with Mrs. Zani!” Eric Orzell, grade 4

“Mr. Hoover is my favorite teacher. He is very kind and very funny and he tells good jokes. We do fun projects and he tells us to make our art projects unique. He teaches us about famous artists so that we will learn to like art. He is very encouraging and is not mean if we make mistakes. When he shows us his art work, it is very inspiring to me and makes me think, ‘Wow, I want to become an art teacher just like him.'” Reese Menon, grade 3

“Mrs. Klos was the best kindergarten teacher I could ask for.” Grace McAndrews, grade 2

“I appreciate Mrs. Capocciamo because she is understanding and kind to us. All of my teachers are great though!” Jack Moran, grade 6

“Mrs. Sherry is a great teacher because she helps me during math and she is always nice.” James O’Hara, grade 4

“Mrs. Schaefer and Miss Jordan are nice.” Emma Lewis, grade 1

“Mrs. Sullivan is special because she never gets mad at anyone. She always makes sure everyone is safe and tells us we are doing great.” Colin Masker, grade 4

“I love Mrs. Scoville because she gave me a starburst once.” Andrew Foley, grade 5

“It’s hard to say something about just one teacher. All my teachers at GIS have been really good.” Lucas Siracusa

“Mrs. Neil is a great teacher because she makes Social Studies fun and she is very helpful!” Aidan Diglio, grade 5

“I want to thank ALL my teachers that I’ve had at SAS & GIS, but I really like my art teacher Mr. Hoover, he’s taught me a lot about Art AND he’s REALLY FUNNY! Happy Appreciation Day, Mr. Hoover!” Natalie Mill, grade 4

“Mrs. D’Addio is a great teacher because she is always very nice. When we forget to do something, she forgives us.” Alexander Moran, grade 2

“Ms. Lynch is the best teacher in the world because she brings in fun things like plants, caterpillars and tadpoles. You know, she has been teaching us about Mother Nature.” Dominica Celio, kindergarten

“I love Mrs. Karchawer because she meets me at the door every morning with big hugs and kisses.” Giovanni Celio, grade 2

“Mrs. Tyrrell is funny, pretty and the best third grade teacher ever. She believes in me.” Angelina Celio, grade 3

“I LOOVE Mrs. Schell because she is sooo nice, very funny & she dresses really cool! “And I LOOVE Mrs. O’Sullivan because she takes me everywhere, she keeps me safe, she’s funny and dresses SO pretty too!” Scarlett Winkler, grade 3

“Mrs. Goetze and Mrs. Eber are the best teachers because they teach me math and let me play at centers. They help me when I am stuck on something.” Peter Marotta, kindergarten

“Mrs Rosado is my favorite teacher. Coming into sixth grade, I did not like Social Studies, but Mrs. Rosado made it more fun and easier. She is always willing to answer my questions and help me when I don’t understand something.” Lindsay Keane, grade 6

“Mrs. Eichenhofer is the best teacher in the whole school!” Logan Redeker, kindergarten

“Mr. Joyce is my favorite teacher because he makes me laugh and is the best math teacher ever!” Jackson Diglio, grade 7

“Mrs. Karchawer is very nice and caring. She doesn’t yell she gave me a build a bear.” Johannah Morales, grade 2

“Mrs. Winship is a great teacher because we get to do activities outside and learn science! Ms. Taravella is a great teacher because she made me a great reader!” Logan Diglio, grade 2

“Mrs. Pacciarelli and Mrs. Mecocci are my favorite teachers because they always help me with math and make the school day fun and Mrs. Fixsen because she helps everyone in our class.” James Young, grade 4

“Mrs. Roberts is super nice. She’s also really cool because she likes star wars.” Patrick Colgan, kindergarten

“Mrs. Kennedy is a great teacher because she teaches us to care about the world!” Ella and Noah Klugman, grade 4

“Mrs. Schwarzbeck is tough but fair! She totally gets us!” Zara Singh, grade 1

“I just love Mrs. Vaughan.” Leah Gorman

“Mrs. Magid and Mr. McIntee are my favorite gym teachers. I like scooter crab soccer, kickball, basketball, and I like to climb the ropes on jellybean field day!” Eric Orzell, grade 4

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Capozzi. She is nice and sweet. She is a good teacher.” Catherine Langan, grade 3

“Mrs. Monti, Mr. Dornfest, and Mrs. Clark: Thank you for making learning fun, making me laugh, and challenging me throughout this amazing school year. I’ve adjusted to this school very well because of you. Thank you for your great support! Caleb Ayau, grade 6

“Mrs. Mullane is thoughtful and I love her.” Loghan Curley, grade 1

“Mr. Mahony is funny, thoughtful, and teaches me a lot.” Ryan Curley, grade 3

“Mrs. Schwarzbeck is my favorite teacher. She is kind and taught me lots of new things when I was in her class. Mrs. Schwarzbeck trusted everyone to sit on the carpet without carpet spots.” Nylah Garo, grade 2

“Mrs. Willard is my favorite because she let’s me do centers on my own and she let’s me play on the tablets.” Kailani Garo, grade 5

“Mr. Karchawer is a very smart, informative, and an awesome teacher especially when he tells his own students stories that are related to what we currently learning in class. Mr. Karchawer makes me feel not only engaged as a student in his class, but much more interested and motivated to what he has to say.” Carly Spreitzer, grade 12

“Mrs. Andryshak has the best town in the history of town.” Ava Edwards, grade 2

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Marquez. She is really nice. She helps me with my school work and she’s super funny!” Joseph Carmona, grade 6