GIS students learn how to make Earth Day every day

Students in Teegan Kennedy’s fourth grade class worked tirelessly to get their schoolmates ready for Earth Day.

The students made posters and signs that they hung around the school. Many of the posters asked “What will You do for Earth Day?” and featured the familiar Lorax from Dr. Seuss. They also created a bulletin board outside the main office where the entire school could share what they’d do in honor of Earth Day.

The students took turns reading facts about recycling and the environment each morning on the announcements and gave some easy ideas for helping the environment, such as turning off the water when brushing teeth, remembering to turn off the lights, and of course, recycling.

Kennedy’s students also cleaned up local parks, planted gardens and trees, picked up litter along local roadways and neighborhoods, and wrote letters to local politicians. They studied stickers from fruits and veggies and placed them on a map to see how far the food had traveled, and talked about the importance of eating locally and the global footprint left by food that travels long distances.

Lastly, Ermin Siljkovic, Recycling Coordinator from the Orange County Department of Public Works, spoke to the school about the importance of recycling. According to Kennedy, Siljkovic helped students visualize the school’s trash production by having them imagine the weight of the school’s waste as approximately 80 hippos, per grade level, every year. That’s about 960 tons of garbage for all three grades!