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GIS students all smiles as they learn about dental hygiene

Two students simulate flossing by moving a long rope between two students dressed as teeth .
The “teeth” are flossed by Jerrell Wright and Vincent Canale under the direction of Dental Hygienist Kelly Pushman.

On April 25, students at Goshen Intermediate School were visited by Dental Hygienist Kelly Pushman from Smile Design Dental in Newburgh.

Pushman started her presentation by reading students “The Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss. She then spoke to students about how they can keep their teeth strong and healthy.

The students learned that they should brush their teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time they brush. They also discussed how food can affect their teeth — candy, soda and sugar are a culprit for cavities!

Each student talked about the different healthy foods that they like to eat, such as apples, salad, water and peaches.

The best part of the day? Students got to dress as two teeth while their friends brushed and flossed them!

The students who participated are in the classes of Dana Piaquadio, Colleen Manuel, Jeannie Cresce, Nikki Emanuele, Kerry Rourke, Rose Cotto and Leslie Roney.

Top photo: The “teeth,” Dionicio Baez-Sanchez and Rogelio Bautista, are brushed by their classmate Vincent Brescia.

Bottom photo: The “teeth” are flossed by Jerrell Wright and Vincent Canale under the direction of Kelly Pushman.