Goshen High School musicians selected for Area All-State

Students smiling with arms around each other.Eleven Goshen High School students were selected to perform in the NYSSMA Area All-State music festival on November 18-19 at Cornwall High School.

In order to be chosen for this honor, each student prepared and performed an advanced level solo piece for a NYSSMA judge last spring. The student’s score sheets were then submitted to the Area All-State committee.

The Area All-State Festival represented 44 districts from 5 counties in New York State. The students who participated are Lydia DeFusto, Siddhi Balamurali, Mia Romaine, Nicholas Grundig, Kenny Coote, Hannah Ritz, Kelly Fellenzer, Kiley Rowe, Kellie Snyder, Christina Whittel, and Elizabeth Pehush.