CNC machine brings real-world manufacturing experience to students

Students stand beside CNC machine.
Brian Morse, Ryan Capocciamo and Connor Torro with the Technology Department’s new CNC machine.

Goshen High School students are learning to use real-world advanced manufacturing technology with the Technology Department’s new CNC machine.

CNC – or computer numerical control – machines use digitized data to control, automate and monitor the movements of a machine. A computer controls the machine’s tools, as opposed to being controlled manually, so that the machine can quickly and precisely cut in real scale.

“The CNC machine can cut anything from plastics, wood, metals and foams,” said Technology Teacher Joe Fedor. “Students are limited only to their imaginations.”

According to Fedor, the CNC machine is extremely precise and an immense time-saver, which is why it is widely used in the manufacturing world. Its 4th axis rotary adds a rotating aspect for more detailed cutting and designing.

Fedor plans to have students begin using the machine in about a month after they learn its software. He anticipates using the CNC machine as a cross-disciplinary STEM tool and hopes it will appeal to his students as they begin thinking about careers and education beyond Goshen High School.

“This is a real manufacturing piece that you use in the real world setting,” said Fedor. “Many students who are thinking of pursuing careers in construction or manufacturing will now be able to use this machine before they even graduate high school.”

Close up of 4th axis rotary on the CNC machine.
A close up of the 4th axis rotary.