graphic masthead for C.J. Hooker Middle School

Animated rising sun

Some of My Favorite Science Web Sites…    cartoon of man with glasses with line moving across them 

Moving woman's eye

Check out some of these!


Acid Rain Web Quest by Gerald Robillard at Our Lady of Peace School...

animated lightining


Access Excellence Mysteries from the National Health Museum...


Ask an "Expert" any question...animated student asking a question


Center for Biological about what's happening to animal life on Earth and see what you can possibly do to help endangered species...Burrow owl

frog that sees no evil, hears no evil, talks no evil

Read about amphibians and how they are good biological indicators...

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology...          animated moose


Learn about Louis Pasteur from the British Broadcast Company's History Page...

Windows to the Universe on-line journaling...animated pencil drawing smiley face


Brain Pop Science Page...             picture of a head with illuminated brain                                     Animated baby


Cells Alive...labeled picture of animal cell


Emory University... Cancer Quest: Cell Organelles

Laguna Middle School... San Luis Obispo, California...List of Links on Cells...



Declining Amphibian Task Force...                    Large frog with baby frog on back

animated chalkboard with E=mc squared equation

AIP Center for History about Albert Einstein! Photo of Albert Einstein in doorway


Field Trip Earth... animated Earth


Field Trip Earth Elephants of Cameroon...    Photo of large elephant with baby elephant

United States Environmental Protection Agency...          Logo for United States Environmental Protection Agency                                    Dancing nerd

United States Environmental Protection Agency... Recycling  Cartoon depiction of recycling

United States Environmental Protection Agency... Ozone Earth with an umbrella  

animated cat in rain with umbrella


United States Environmental Protection Agency...Acid Rain      Animated lungs


Environmental Defense...               Animated stop light


Evolution Web Quest from Biology Corner...     drawing of finchesanimated mammoth

Exploring the Environment...the Coral Reef...   Photo of coral reef and fish


Fact Monster...cartoon drawing of Frankenstein

Fact Monster...find out facts about the environment!         animated walking monster

Fact Monster....find out facts about energy resources!  Dancing monster  

  science set-up with flasks and bubbling liquid

Union of Concerned Scientists...Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions...      animated sun

animated baby sucking thumb

Howard Hughes Medical Institute....Stem cells, Genomes and Chemical Genetics, Cancer, Infectious Disease, Biological Clocks, etc...


How Stuff Works...            Animated gears


U.S. Metric System Association on Temperature...hosted by Colorado State University


National Human Genome Research Institute... animated spinning model of DNA

animated teacher with ruler                                                                Man-hole cover that moves with motioning hand                                                      Animated man shaking a finger

New York State Department of Education Science Standards...animated teacher with apples


Public Broadcast System...Our Genes, Our Choices by American Museum of Natural History


Save America's Forests...Photo of forest

Science Web Quests from "Teachnology"...Animated teacher spinning a globe

Smoking from All Sides...   Drawing of a cigarette and what goes in one animated heart

Access Excellence...the Heart and Circulatory System....Animated anotomically correct beating heart

National Aeronautics and Space Administration...             Photo of a rocket ship blasting off

U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy...

Purdue University...Covalent Bonds, Lewis Dot Structures, Ionic Bonds, etc...   animated bubbling liquid

animated spider in webBayer...find out cool things, like "where do bugs go in the winter?", and "what is a shooting star?"...animated dragonfly

Jefferson Lab...All About Atoms...

Electron Microscopy Images...from Hamilton University  Roaiolarian

Parents Against Cancer...All about Hemophelia

moving eyeball

New York State Core Curriculum for Science Grades 5-8

Science NetLinks... Marco Polo      chain links  


Mr. Turner's Video Clips on Cell Processes (Diffusion and Osmosis...)             animation of diffusion


Raffles Secondary Girl's School Video Clips on Cells (need QuickTime)




Budding yeast



animated orb

Everything Environmental Ecology Promo Gifts...check out these cool things that are all made from recycled materials! 

rotating Earth

Animations for General, Organic, and Biochemistry from the University of Akron...

animated flow

Cosmeo's Learning Adds Up online home learning tool powered by Discovery...


Georgia State University...Visualizing Electron Orbitals

animated orbiting electrons

Georgia Southern University...Dr. Dana Nayduch's Biology Home Page (notes, clips, etc.)

paw walk

Stem Cell Guy from the University of Utah...

New York State Living Environment Regents Exams....Animated eye in pyramid



Dancing skeleton

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