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Students inducted into World Language Honor Society

December 2, 2011 - On November 3, the World Language Honor Society (formerly National Foreign Language Honor Society) gathered in the Goshen High School auditorium to induct its new members for the 2011-12 school year.

The ceremony was organized by current members of WLHS including President Nawshin Ahmed, Vice President Allegra Anderson, Secretary Karen Walker, Treasurer Jason Basri and Faculty Advisor Fabien Rivière.

“This is a very important ceremony and beginning of a new chapter for our inducted world language students, said Rivière. "This induction ceremony could not be possible without the hard work and effort from all current members.

The ceremony began with an introductory speech from Rivière and President Nawshin Ahmed, thanking all faculty, administrators, parents and friends for attending. A special tribute was paid to Mrs. Jeri Krish, former advisor, for her several years of service to the National Foreign Language Honor Society.

After pledging allegiance to the flag in English, French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, German, Chinese and Portuguese, a few officers and current members read passages about the lighting of the symbolic candles and explained the requirements for selection into WLHS. In addition, a few selected readings were presented to the audience from inductee application essays.

Rivière, along with GHS Interim Principal James Polunci and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jane Unjhem presented certificates and inducted all members into the Junior National Classical League for Latin, La Société Honoraire de Français for French, and La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica for Spanish.

In addition this year, four exchange students from Germany, China, Brazil, and Belgium were inducted as honorary members.

After receiving their certificates, new inductees lit up the symbolic candle, read the oath of induction into their respective chapter, and extinguished their candle. The vice president, Allegra Anderson, concluded the evening by congratulating all new and current members. Everyone was invited to refreshments and international hors d’oeuvres in the high school cafeteria after the ceremony.

“Congratulations to all new members and current members of the World Language Honor Society," said Rivière. "I look forward to a wonderful year of commitment and promotion of world languages in our district and through WLHS.

WLHS Officers

President Nawshin Ahmed, Vice President Allegra Anderson, Secretary Karen Walker, Treasurer Jason Basri.

New Inductees for 2011-12


Tucker Brownell, Joan Climes, John Ferguson, Alyssa Frenette, Connor Gansrow, Morgan Heinrich, Hannah Kaplan, Heather Koennecke, Sara Laaninen, Taylor Link, Amanda Perez, Christina Stamos, Nicholas Sullivan, Emily Swanson, Elissa Terach, Juliana Weiss, Emma Zahren-Newman, Margaret Conley, Sarah Ward, Shailen Patel, Michaela McBride, Ruben Irizarry, Kevin Donnelly


Ahmed Nawshin, Maaz Ahsan, Margaret Conley, Brigid Larkin, Nicole Rountree


Melissa Weilacher, John Navilio, Jessica Spencer, Nadeja Dimitrova, Taylor Ouellette, Raquel Phillips, Christine Villamil, Margaret Conley

Current WLHS members


Nawshin Ahmed, Allegra Anderson, Jonathan Augustin, Jason Basri, Victoria Baline, Chase Bouchard, Nicole Clark, Stephanie DeSantis, Zachary Hayden, Sara Klusky, Brigid Larkin, Mary Looram, Nicole Rountree, David Totton, Samantha Senak, Devin Valencia, Ana Romero.


Maaz Ahsan, Jonathan Augustin, Lauren Branigan, Nicole Glade, Courtney Murphy, Nicole Rountree, Karen Walker, Brigid Larkin

Honorary Members for 2011-12

Jana Driendl, Germany; Barbara Jordens, Belgium; Mengyu Liang, China; Victoria Viapiana, Brazil